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"Having a child with special needs can be difficult, but when that child becomes an adult with special needs, it is even more challenging.  Trying to find the balance between letting your adult child with medical and physical disabilities have independents, without mom hovering, is essential to their growth and maturity. Adventures Unbound gives my child the opportunity to enjoy outings and field trips, hanging out with friends, and experience adulthood in an unrestricted environment. I can't express my gratitude to Carrie Boggess for founding Adventures Unbound and giving my son, Tyler a chance to experience life outside of his normal."


"I love going with Miss Carrie on field trips with Adventures Unbound. We have fun together and get to meet new friends. Miss Carrie is nice and helps me remember to take my meds and take care of myself."



"What great experiences! David has had such a good time on each trip with Adventures Unbound. We have total trust in Carrie and her helpers. We never worry about David when he goes with them. He is always happy when he gets back
from each trip and looks forward to the next trip."

Carl & Wanda


"I am always looking for friends with disabilities and now I have some new ones. I like the group because someone else plans and gets all the details worked out and I don't have to worry about anything other than paying and having fun! It gives me a chance to do things without my mom, stepdad, grandma around. It gives me a sense of freedom and fun with friends. My family is very good about taking me places, but this gives me a chance to do other things that my mom and stepdad and family would not do if it wasn't for me wanting to do it.  The volunteers are wonderful as well. They are very good about helping out if I need anything! They are very nice and patient, which is, very important when you are working with people who have disabilities! It is very important to be understanding because people with disabilities can't move fast. The volunteers are very good about keeping these things in mind and considering these factors!"


Fort Worth, TX, USA


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